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Hair and Nail Vitamins - Nutrition - Gloss & Toss® Fortify

Hair & Nail vitamins are on nearly every retailer's shelves around the world.  From "big box stores" to smaller Pharmacies - people everywhere want products for healthier hair & nails.

It's no secret that clients everywhere take nutritional supplements for longer, stronger, healthier hair & nails.  Ingredients like Biotin, Grape Seed, Folic Acid, Ginkgo Biloba and others are hailed time and time again as "go-to essentials" for healthier hair and nails.


GLOSS & TOSS® FORTIFY is a hair & nail supplement that is packed with many of these key essentials - and more.   What's more - is that FORTIFY is a SOY-FREE FORMULA.


-60 count supply
-Adults take 2 a day
-Please read labels on all nutritional supplements before taking
-Consult your physician before taking any nutritional supplements and
always abide by labels on supplements.

Happy 2014 - from the team of

Happy 2014

Here's to another year of fun, resolutions, new friends and new opportunities.   My neighbor Steve Cook is covering Change is Coming and I heard it the other night on the radio and it's awesome.

Even though I'm in the throws of product launches and some travel, I did (believe it or not) stop and smell the - Christmas Trees along the way and got to meet Frosty.  Mr. Green Trees on Doheny in West Hollywood has the most beautiful trees each and every year and it was exciting to tour the forest - even though they were chopped already and under a tent - it still felt like a nice stroll through the greens.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2014 as you look forward to an exciting new year - new opportunities etc.  Blessings and more to all of you.

Stay beautiful - enjoy the season - and for all the folks freezing in the north - put on some cofee and stay inside.

Billy Lowe.

Beauty Launchpad Magazine featuring Gloss & Toss

Gloss & Toss® was featured on the Beauty Launchpad Website for a great holiday hair tutorial.

Click the link here:

and watch the cool video.   We've posted here before but Beauty Launchpad is a magazine we LOVE and they are fans of Gloss & Toss® and we are fans right back.

Thanks Beauty Launchpad for your support through the years.

And you can buy Gloss & Toss on Amazon store by going to and searching for Gloss & Toss.    Lots of exciting news right around the corner.

Handmade swings - outdoor furniture - patio furniture - porch swings

Hand made custom swings Macon, GA

So I was back home over the holidays and found out that my dad is actually quite the craftsman.  He makes these really cool custom porch swings or outdoor lawn swings that can be any color that you want - and they're as solid as can be.

So I put my thinking cap on and he came up with the name "Swing Lowe"  and I registered the domain name for him called and built him a little web page.  These swings range anywhere in price from $750 on up and take about a week to make from start to finish - but I was super proud of my dad and all his handiwork.

Happy new year dad.

Gloss & Toss on - Hair products on Amazon

Hair vitamins on Amazon:  

It's no secret that customers from around the world rely on nutritional supplements for longer, stronger, healthier hair & nails.  This year, we're proud to partner with to position Gloss & Toss Fortify for sale online with this prestigious online store.  If you click on the link above - you'll be taken to our web-store for FORTIFY Hair & Nail Supplements and learn a lot more great info about this amazing product.

1.  Gluten-free, Dairy-Free,  SOY-FREE
2.  No animal testing
3.  Biotin - 3200mcg
4.  Folic Acid, B Vitamins, Grape Seed, Ginkgo Biloba & more
5.  $29.95 retail price point

Our clients love the formula and we believe you will as well.