Hair volume made easy - How to get more volume

Unlike color, this look has no fade factor whatsoever.  The classic "California Curl" inspired by the 70's is a look that's here to stay.  A lot of people are still unsure as to how to achieve this look but it's really much easier than it seems.  Keep in mind, "dirty hair" usually works best for styles that require holding curl. Freshly shampooed hair tends to fall flat because any product (and slight build up) has been removed.  The slight product build-up is what helps create some hold factor to various hair styles and help keep curl in place longer.

What you'll need:
1.  Hot rollers
2.  Some magazines for inspiration
3.  Your favorite styling tools including a teasing comb or brush
4.  Clips for sectioning
5.  Turn on the tunes and get started.  

Don't forget your Gloss & Toss hair shine serum, and a little light-hold spray.

On DRY hair, apply the hot rollers to the MID-SHAFT of the hair secion.  Wrap the MID sections of hair around the roller.  In other words, don't start at the ends and work your way up - start at the MID-section and wrap the hair around the roller until you get to the ends.   If you start at the ends first, the middle sections don't get as much heat and that's where you want some good stay.

Direct hair and sections BACK away from face to create a more cascading effect.  Don't wrap all the way up to scalp area.    This will keep "halo area" more structured looking.

Allow rollers to cool, remove and tease crown area in small 1/4" sections working with a teasing comb or a soft teasing brush.  Shake hair loose and define curls to suit your style.  Finish with a little Gloss & Toss hair shine serum (available at and a light-hold spray.

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