Hair Color Tips - Over Processed Hair

Hair Color is an art - and a science.  I personally think it's mostly an art. Often times my hands reach for color quicker than my mind processes it, and it's then that I realize our hands are pretty smart.  It's amazing that "the touch" is truly just as important as the thought process when it comes to art forms and hair color is no exception.

The biggest mistake I think most hair colorists make is over processing.  Heat is one of the biggest enemies to hair and I've seen it happen time and time again when clients are left under dryers, heat lamps or steamers for much too long when it's simply not necessary.  This often happens when customers want to go lighter, hair stylists are over-booked, and clients find themselves sitting for much too long with foils or color in their hair.  A great base color lifted only 1-2 levels (max) plus highlights is truly the remedy for this.

Another mistake is color balance.  I think many clients are lifted way too much and their overall hair color doesn't match skin, eyes, or overall tones.  Then hair color looks very one-dimensional and has no depth.    I love playing with depth and dimension, adding streaks here or there and use lots of LOWE-lights when I color.    

So if the client is sweating under the dryer, rubbing their eyes due to the heat or chemicals, chances are - it's the wrong formula, the wrong heat, and the wrong service.  Hair color shouldn't be painful, damaging, or bothersome.  So a few quick bullets and things I've found helpful:

  1. Don't use too much heat
  2. Don't lift base color too high
  3. Watch timers so hair color isn't over processed
  4. Keep an eye on your hair stylist 
  5. I use Sweet & Low in color formulations to ease sensitivity

Just a few of my thoughts from the day.

To book your hair color in Beverly Hills, and new, hair color in Charlotte, NC please visit Billy Lowe online at or call 310-430-4045 for more information.   We look forward to working with you.

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