Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall 2014 -

Autumn leaves in Charlotte, NC 2014 - Pic by Billy Lowe
I absolutely love fall.  It's here, finally, and most of the country is already seeing the change of season, leaves rustle, change colors, and fall away.  Though I live in California and we don't really get the affect of fall as many other areas do, we occasionally get the sense that seasons are changing and the air becomes just a touch cooler.

Fall is such an interesting time.  Many are back to school, others are beginning to travel, most have wrapped up travel, and pulling out fall fashion is just the beginning of the season ahead.  For me it's always been a time of reflection - almost more than New Year celebrations.  There's a greater sense of "change" that fall brings on as trees begin to undress and the weather begins to change.  So with this new season - take time to reflect, take inventory, and measure.  Or, just stop and admire the wonders of our great planet.  I'm hoping to enjoy the journey a bit more this season and hope you do as well.  

Happy Fall everyone.