Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Sunsets in Southern California can certainly be breathtaking indeed.  Perhaps these are some of the most beautiful I've seen in my life.  There's (almost) nothing better than a warm summer evening, a slight breeze blowing in from the east, and finding a great rooftop somewhere to enjoy these precious and rare moments.

I was out for a long walk with my dog Panda yesterday (Sept 8, 2014) and now the sun starts going down a little after 6pm, and from 7pm til about 7:20pm - it's just such a gorgeous cast of reds, yellows, golds and it's like the sky is on fire.   It's almost like something out of a movie about Ancient Greece.  Typical Hollywood Sunset I must agree.

As I'm spending a bit more time reflecting lately, I'd love for my blog to be a lot less "promotional" and a lot more of a diary of my life, my findings, thoughts I reflect on, and things I hope to see or photos I hope to take that may inspire someone.  As I was driving back from business meetings today, I realized that much of my life didn't turn out as I had planned (yet).  But then I had a sudden realization that the things i THOUGHT I wanted or hoped for - were not things I needed (or truly wanted as I look back on it).

Give thanks for what you have today.  It's all we have actually - just today, just right now, just the end of this sentence - if you're even reading this post.


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