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Once in a while an idea will come to mind and I've been writing and reflecting a lot more these days.  I was at the beach today with my dog Panda and felt the coolness of the water on my feet (she stays a good 10-15 feet from the foam on the beach but it's fun to watch her chase the water), the wind in my face and the gentle sway of the palm trees overhead.  As I watched the bikers, joggers and volleyball players soak in a little sun, I then realized how great the breeze felt on my face and thought how great it must feel to those running or biking along the strand.

Panda and I took a few minutes away from the water to sit in the sun and I realized when she was still she became hot sitting in the sun - and moving around closer to the water she enjoyed much more and it kept her a bit more cool.   Suddenly it hit me.  If you want more wind, you just have to run a little faster; bike a little harder, move a bit more.  So I came up with the motivational quote above.  

So to all the movers and shakers of the world - go for it.  Run a little more, push a little harder, never give up.  There is the most amazing feeling when the wind hits your face and you feel the sweetness of the air against your body.  The overwhelming rush of accomplishment, the "I did it" or "I'm doing it" sensation.  We don't quite get that feeling when we're sitting around or are complacent.

Life is to be lived, enjoyed and savored.  Find the wind and move into it.

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