Monday, July 14, 2014

What to wear to a Hollywood themed party

Billy Lowe helps style these Los Angeles
tourists for an A-List Party
If you're looking at what to wear to a Hollywood themed party, there are so many options.  There's current trend, yester-year, "space-aged" themes, couples, and so much more.

I love themed parties and special events.  I especially love getting involved in the hair, makeup & wardrobe process for themed or "out of the box" events.  Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe are critical elements of any event and can make or break your party!

Here are just a few thoughts in how to plan for a party where hair, makeup and wardrobe are involved.

  1. Be sure you're working with a seasoned expert.  He or she will not only know what they're doing, they'll also have a vast index of connections to get things done. 
  2. Think about your "theme" as well as the season of your event.   This will help you tie it all together.  
  3. Think about your guests.   Will they be able to "pull it off?"    Don't go too overboard.   You want your guests to have a great time.  
  4. Do a run-through/fitting before your event to be sure you're comfortable with hair/makeup, and that your wardrobe fits if it's a themed or costume party.   Pre-fitting and run throughs always help.  
  5. Look at your vendor list. Do you have all the right people for your event? 
  6. Allow breathing room in your budget.   You never know -you just may need an extra set of hands for your event.  
When I'm coordinating an event, special launch, or project - these are just a few of the things I take into consideration and hope they help you as well.

People who can help you dress to impress:

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