Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Grooming tips for dogs - Pet grooming tips

Pet grooming tips for your dog.   While I'm not a professional pet groomer, I've worked in the health and beauty industry for nearly 20 years now and a large "chunk" of that time has been in hair and makeup, as well as individual beauty tips.  As a kid, we always had pets around whether it was a dog, a goldfish, my brothers had lizards and bugs of all kinds, and there was always a sense of care and care taking in our home.

My dog, Panda, is now 4 years old and she and I have a great little routine and when it comes time for personal care and grooming, there's nothing better than a day of beauty for "him and her."  What I've noticed in pet grooming is that Panda always comes back so frisky, so sure of herself, and so lively.  Her expressions are much brighter, and she's out to see the world one leap, one bark, one tummy rub at a time.  Not to mention, I can see more of her than when she has and unkempt style.

Panda is half terrier, half havanese (so the adoption center thought), and as active as she is, grooming and care for her is really important.  Over the past 4 years, here's what I've discovered as a professional beauty expert and Hollywood hair stylist - and how I think it relates to my pet, and yours.

  1. Routine pet grooming helps prevent skin issues such as dryness, irritation, scratching, etc.  Skin needs to breathe and when your pet is covered with fur and the skin can't breathe, it is more prone to irritation.  
  2. Routine pet grooming keeps the coat healthier.   Just like our own hair cuts, the longer the fur gets, the more "unhealthy looking" it can become.  It can become discolored, it's harder to take care of, 
  3. Shorter hair in summer months can help keep your dog cooler.  
  4. Routine pet grooming helps prevent tangles and matting in your pet's care.  When Panda's hair gets too long, it is more prone to tangling, and picking up thorns or outside things that can get caught in the fur and cause irritation.
  5. Better grooming creates effective brushing of fur.  Routine brushing helps prevent tangles and matting, and helps create good circulation for your pet's skin.  
  6. When you take your dog for a walk, be sure to wipe their paws and tummy with soft paper towels.  I like VIVA Paper towels for pet grooming. 
  7. Trust your pet groomer.  I've heard horror stories where people take their pets to a groomer and they come back with scratches or further irritation.  Be sure your pet groomer's salon is clean, sanitary, and a safe place for your pet to visit.  
I hope these tips are helpful - and look forward to hearing your feedback on this blog or your thoughts about the content here.  

Yours in beauty,