Friday, July 25, 2014

Cruelty free cosmetics - no animal testing - Gloss And Toss Scores again

I'm pleased to announce that Gloss & Toss was featured in an interview with LEAPING BUNNY today (Friday the 25th) to their 40,000+ email subscribers.    We posted about this on our GLOSS & TOSS BLOG and hope you enjoy the read.

We're working hard to support cruelty free cosmetics and making the world a better place one product, one customer, one purchase at a time.

There are many hair serum categories and we're pleased with our efforts to be the leader in this hair care category.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to dentangle your hair

How to detangle your hair

The creative team of Gloss & Toss wrote a fabulous article on their blog on "How to detangle your hair!"    I suggest checking it out here.   Hair tangling leads to damage, breaking and overall unhealthy looking hair.  Over processing your hair (color or heat) can also lead to dry, fragile and easily tangled hair.   Fine hair is also prone to tangling.  Be sure to read the blog post from above (click the link above) and read the article about detangling hair.    Not only has Gloss & Toss produced the most amazing hair serum - we strive to put out countless beauty products that are sure to win the votes of clients around the world.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Wet Brush - Dry Brush - Introducing the GLOSS And TOSS Wet Dry Brush - Detangle Brush

Hair Brushes and accessories are such a mystery to most but as the founder and creator of the brand GLOSS & TOSS, these are just my random thoughts about hair styling tools, what to use, and how.  The efforts behind our creative team are showing up with aplomb - and our manufacturers are hot on our trail producing only the finest in boxes, display units and so much more.

But most exciting to me was the delivery of our first sample brushes and their retail boxes for the GLOSS & TOSS WET/DRY BRUSHES AS WELL AS OUR ROUND BRUSHES.

The picture above will show you what we've been up to lately in addition to promoting our amazing hair shine serum and we just know you're going to love this line up even more by adding these great hair styling brushes to your at-home beauty routine.  Keep checking back here for more information and be sure to check out our site by visiting for more great information and hair style typs.

Monday, July 14, 2014

What to wear to a Hollywood themed party

Billy Lowe helps style these Los Angeles
tourists for an A-List Party
If you're looking at what to wear to a Hollywood themed party, there are so many options.  There's current trend, yester-year, "space-aged" themes, couples, and so much more.

I love themed parties and special events.  I especially love getting involved in the hair, makeup & wardrobe process for themed or "out of the box" events.  Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe are critical elements of any event and can make or break your party!

Here are just a few thoughts in how to plan for a party where hair, makeup and wardrobe are involved.

  1. Be sure you're working with a seasoned expert.  He or she will not only know what they're doing, they'll also have a vast index of connections to get things done. 
  2. Think about your "theme" as well as the season of your event.   This will help you tie it all together.  
  3. Think about your guests.   Will they be able to "pull it off?"    Don't go too overboard.   You want your guests to have a great time.  
  4. Do a run-through/fitting before your event to be sure you're comfortable with hair/makeup, and that your wardrobe fits if it's a themed or costume party.   Pre-fitting and run throughs always help.  
  5. Look at your vendor list. Do you have all the right people for your event? 
  6. Allow breathing room in your budget.   You never know -you just may need an extra set of hands for your event.  
When I'm coordinating an event, special launch, or project - these are just a few of the things I take into consideration and hope they help you as well.

People who can help you dress to impress:

Wardrobe-Stylists-Los-Angeles - Visit

Costume-Designers-Los-Angeles - Check out Bob Mackie

Hair-And-Makeup-Los-Angeles - Check out yours truly at

Friday, July 11, 2014

Color Correction Beverly Hills, Hair Color Los Angeles

Color correction


So you've gotten your hair colored and now you're pissed!  That subtle blonde is either too brassy, or your beautiful chestnut brown looks more like muddy shoe polish and you've spent 5 hours in the hair salon only to leave still very unhappy.   Color and color correction is not the easiest thing to perfect.  I've spent countless years in hair color in beverly hills and on hit reality shows, news segments, product launches, and trade shows around the world and I've seen color of all kinds here and there.  Color is art - it's not a science.   There are many "science rules" that I bend in order to perfect hair color and it's a career path that I've chosen to specialize in and one that I absolutely love.

The biggest problems with many hair color procedures are the following:

  1. Stylists leave color or lightener on too long
  2. Stylists use developers that are too strong
  3. Stylists leave clients under the dryer for far too long (most of the time added heat simply isn't necessary)
  4. Poor color formulations
  5. Lack of understanding lifting procedures and what's actually possible
  6. Lack of understanding of grey coverage
  7. Lack of color knowledge or simple color basics 
These are just a few of the reasons that many color procedures go awry.

If you're looking for color correction in Beverly Hills, or color correction in Los Angeles, and you don't know where to turn, I would love to work with you.  Please visit and book your appointment today.

I've had the honor of being featured in countless media sources throughout the years - and love hair color.     I look forward to working with you and seeing you soon.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Grooming tips for dogs - Pet grooming tips

Pet grooming tips for your dog.   While I'm not a professional pet groomer, I've worked in the health and beauty industry for nearly 20 years now and a large "chunk" of that time has been in hair and makeup, as well as individual beauty tips.  As a kid, we always had pets around whether it was a dog, a goldfish, my brothers had lizards and bugs of all kinds, and there was always a sense of care and care taking in our home.

My dog, Panda, is now 4 years old and she and I have a great little routine and when it comes time for personal care and grooming, there's nothing better than a day of beauty for "him and her."  What I've noticed in pet grooming is that Panda always comes back so frisky, so sure of herself, and so lively.  Her expressions are much brighter, and she's out to see the world one leap, one bark, one tummy rub at a time.  Not to mention, I can see more of her than when she has and unkempt style.

Panda is half terrier, half havanese (so the adoption center thought), and as active as she is, grooming and care for her is really important.  Over the past 4 years, here's what I've discovered as a professional beauty expert and Hollywood hair stylist - and how I think it relates to my pet, and yours.

  1. Routine pet grooming helps prevent skin issues such as dryness, irritation, scratching, etc.  Skin needs to breathe and when your pet is covered with fur and the skin can't breathe, it is more prone to irritation.  
  2. Routine pet grooming keeps the coat healthier.   Just like our own hair cuts, the longer the fur gets, the more "unhealthy looking" it can become.  It can become discolored, it's harder to take care of, 
  3. Shorter hair in summer months can help keep your dog cooler.  
  4. Routine pet grooming helps prevent tangles and matting in your pet's care.  When Panda's hair gets too long, it is more prone to tangling, and picking up thorns or outside things that can get caught in the fur and cause irritation.
  5. Better grooming creates effective brushing of fur.  Routine brushing helps prevent tangles and matting, and helps create good circulation for your pet's skin.  
  6. When you take your dog for a walk, be sure to wipe their paws and tummy with soft paper towels.  I like VIVA Paper towels for pet grooming. 
  7. Trust your pet groomer.  I've heard horror stories where people take their pets to a groomer and they come back with scratches or further irritation.  Be sure your pet groomer's salon is clean, sanitary, and a safe place for your pet to visit.  
I hope these tips are helpful - and look forward to hearing your feedback on this blog or your thoughts about the content here.  

Yours in beauty, 


Sunday, July 06, 2014

How to choose the best hair dryer


I have worked in the health and beauty industry for nearly 20 years.  In my (humble)  experience there are many things one looks for when selecting the best hair dryer.   Obviously style, color, and personal touches mean a lot to each and every individual.   However there are major functions that must be taken into account when selecting a great hair dryer.  Will it fit when you travel?   How heavy is it?  Does it get hot enough to smooth hair out?  Is there a hot and cold option?  How many fan speed options are there?

There's so much that one looks for when selecting a hair dryer and last but not least - THE COST.  But there are 4 main elements to consider when selecting a good quality hair dryer to use at home or in the professional environment.

These 4 main elements include:
  • Weight
  • Heat
  • Force
  • Noise
Many hair dryers are powerful - but it makes them noisy or heavy.    Others are light-weight dryers but don't have the "force" or proper heating elements to get the desired results.    When all 4 things come together - a great hair dryer is born.  Other elements are to be considered such as:

  • Nozzle & size of nozzle
  • How many functions
  • Is there a "cool shot" 
  • Is it travel smart   (size wise)
  • Does it contain a case
etc etc.     Those are mostly personal preferences for your hair dryer - but hopefully these help.    Coming soon - GLOSS & TOSS HAIR DRYER & OTHER STYLING TOOLS.

Remember to look for GLOSS & TOSS HAIR SHINE SERUM on our Amazon Store for smooth, silky results whether you are blow-drying your hair or simply want a casual "wash and wear" look.

Check out this article from our friend at PinkySmiles for what she's calling the best hair serum on the market.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Let's Make a Deal Makeover in Beverly Hills, Hollywood Makeover at a Beverly Hills Hair Salon

You've seen the show more times than you can count.    Perhaps you've been a tourist in Hollywood and seen the fans lining up to be on the show.   "What are those crazy costumes?" you ask yourself.  "And why are all of those people standing out in the blazing sun waiting to be a contestant on a show?  I think I'll head to Pink's for a hotdog and an iced cold drink instead!"
Welcome to Hollywood.  Let's Make a Deal Prize Give aways often include A Hollywood Makeover with the Billy Lowe team.   Known for his work on countless reality shows, news segments and of course, the red carpet, Billy Lowe and team can help create any beauty event for you whether it's a makeover sweepstakes winner, a corporate retreat, day-to-day cut & color, or perhaps a product launch  

From hair, makeup, wardrobe and everything in between - our team has just about seen it all.   From makeover trips to NYC, Las Vegas makeover get-aways,  even cut, color, or style consultations here in the Southern California market - we have something for everyone.

Book your own makeover with Billy Lowe & team by visiting

See also:  best hair color beverly hills with Billy Lowe for everything hair.

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