Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Social Bullying

Social bullying is mean-spirited, unkind, and absolutely unnecessary.   Bullying doesn't just hurt on the outside, it hurts on the inside too.

Today a "Facebook friend" shared a photo slamming shoppers at Wal-Mart who appeared in photos that somehow found their way to the world wide web.    The photos showed customers that may experience weight issues, perhaps had a mis-hap in a Wal-Mart Store - or maybe made a derogatory comment about their purchases.

The truth is, these are people - just like you and me.  I grew up working part-time as a Wal-Mart Stockman in Douglas, Georgia and Wal-Mart paid for much of my events, clothing, college admissions fees, etc all throughout high school.  I am proud of the opportunity to work there, to have shopped there, and to have made some great friends during my high school career.

Now, as a 20 year veteran of the health and beauty industry - I am absolutely insensed that people find humor in other peoples' misfortune or accidents.  But to take it one step further, to take photos of these bystanders who are just living their lives day-to-day, and then post these photos online with awful remarks is uncalled for.   IT's the same thing as BULLYING.

That's someone's mom you're talking about.  That's someone's sister, or brother, or perhaps someone with a disability doing the very best they can.  FURTHERMORE, they're keeping the world going round by getting out and about - spending their hard earned dollars just like you do.

Social Bullying is unnecessary and I'm sure the people at Wal-Mart don't appreciate it just as the victims don't.   We have all experienced bullying on some level.  I know I have.   As a kid in grade school I was beaten every day and called names that I didn't even know the meaning of.  But to see this carried on into adulthood by 20, 30, 40 even 50 year old men and women is truly childish and unkind.  

Mean words are like weights that knock people around and are very very hurtful.

Please put an end to Social Bullying.    Discourage your friends from posting such remarks  or unkind gestures.  

Yours in BEAUTY,

Billy Lowe