Thursday, May 01, 2014

Gloss & Toss - Top 10 uses - celebrity hair style tips

Celebrity Hair Tips - Top uses for Gloss & Toss - as we do on the red carpet.

Everyone's in love with Gloss & Toss!    We even have top stylists at the prestigious Beverly Hilton using Gloss & Toss on their VIP and red carpet clients here at the hotel.  But here are our top 10 tips on using Gloss & Toss and ways to keep your hair super gorgeous.

1.  Apply a small amount to wet/clean hair & distribute evenly.  Don't just apply w/ fingers - be sure to brush through w/ a large paddle brush for even saturation.

2.  Blow-dry hair smooth in normal manner by removing 70-80% moisture FIRST, then use brushes as desired.

3. For a wash & wear look - simply apply Gloss & Toss through to ends, distribute evenly, and allow hair to air-dry.

4.  For a natural look, apply Gloss & Toss throughout, "scrunch" back sections of hair and allow those to air-dry - BUT,  blow-dry the front 1/4 sections of hair smooth.   The back sections will dry naturally and have a soft tousled look with front smooth sections blended in.  GORGEOUS.

5.  Reapply Gloss & Toss as needed even after hair is dry for added polish & shine.

6.  Cocktail Gloss & Toss with some of your favorite products like volumizing serums, gels, or shapers.

7.  Apply a small amount of Gloss & Toss to hair prior to swimming to help protect hair against build-up of chlorine or ocean water.

8.  Add a nickel sized amount of Gloss & Toss to any conditioning treatment either at home or in salon for an added moisture boost & shine.

9.  Salon professionals can add a small amount of Gloss & Toss to professional hair color services for added "slip" & shine during application process.

10.  Gloss & Toss works well prior to any flat ironing or smoothing processes to help protect hair against thermal styling.

Those are some of our FAVORITE tips and uses for Gloss & Toss and we look forward to hearing what some of yours happen to be.  

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