Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Alex Sirvent Hair by Billy Lowe - Beverly Hilton Hair Salon

Alex Sirvent

Today was a cool day indeed.  While wrapping up my day in the salon, a certain handsome gentleman walked into the salon and needed gel for his hair for the evening's event in Beverly Hills.  Turns out, it was Mr. Alex Sirvent.

Known for his work on soaps (telenovelas en espanol) as well as music composition for various projects, he was visiting Los Angeles for an awards ceremony.

I got to meet Mr. Sirvent, who needed a haircut while in the salon - and yours truly had the honor.  Having majored in Spanish myself while in college, Mr. Sirvent asked me to help him translate a few press answers for him.

 A true gentleman and extremely gracious with his time and photo ops, Mr. Sirvent allowed (and encouraged) photos with the team and thanked us for making him look "red carpet ready."

What fun.

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