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Leaping Bunny - No Animal Testing - Cruelty Free Shopping Beauty Products

Leaping Bunny is a highly recognized "stamp of approval" and classification for the beauty and cosmetics industry for cruelty-free manufacturing, widely recognized by its ever-popular cute bunny.   Many brands have this amazing status like OSEA Malibu, Burts Bees, and so many others, and this year GLOSS & TOSS applied for LEAPING BUNNY to support those of us in cosmetics and beauty who believe in cruelty-free production and no testing on animals during our development and manufacturing.

Needless to say - we're adding another stamp of approval on cruelty-free production from my own best friend Panda Lowe.  We are glad to support our friends at Leaping Bunny by participating in cruelty-free (no animal testing) manufacturing, research and production and hope you will join us in shopping for other products in this category as well.

Panda appreciates your support, and so do I.