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Getting a Makeover in Hollywood or Beverly Hills

Makeovers in Hollywood.

When my client called from Florida, she said "You seemed so sweet and approachable and your location didn't seem stuffy like all those other Beverly Hills salons so I knew I had to call you.  Then when I found out you went to college in Kentucky - I knew you had to be good people."  

It's comments like these that always make my work super special, and rewarding.   I was never one of those "I'm the artist now sit down" hair stylists.    What do I know?   Many stylists go down that road only to find short lived careers and ultimate burn-out after 10-15 years of know-it-all mentality.  I revel in my work, the results, and how it makes people feel when you spin them around in the chair.  It's that split-second AHA moment - and almost teary reactions that make me love what I do more and more every day.

Truth be told, I can't take all the credit.  I have a brilliant team of experts around me that make my work look amazing.   …