Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gloss & Toss HAIR SHINE SERUM, Hair Styling Tip - How to get California Curls, Beachy Waves

How to get California Curls or Beachy Waves - This look is super simple.  In this video for GLOSSANDTOSS.NET, I explain a few simple ways to get what's called "beachy waves"  or "California Curls" as I like to call them.  This is a look that you can achieve on wet or dry hair.

ON WET HAIR:   Shampoo & condition as normal, use a setting lotion and a pearl size amount of Gloss & Toss HAIR SHINE SERUM for a smooth, finished look.  Wrap each section in larger barrel curls (pretend you're working with invisible rollers" and clip in place.  Allow to air dry.

ON DRY HAIR:    I use a large barrel curling iron, curl hair and create a barrel curl to allow cooling time and a better set.

Enjoy these great tips.

Billy Lowe