Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Hair Tips - Gloss & Toss - How to get a messy bun

Holiday hair tips are a cinch.   In my video for Gloss & Toss, I share with readers and clients one great look that people are seeing everywhere called a messy chignon - or a messy "bun."

What you'll need:
  1. A large paddle brush
  2. Padded rubber bands - the same color or tone as your hair
  3. GLOSS & TOSS hair shine serum for a more shiny/unstructured look.   You can purchase online by visiting
  4. A curling iron if you want move movement or curl pattern 
  5. "Bobbie" pins - also the same color as your hair
NOTE:   If you have blonde hair - you can use gold colored bobbie pins to secure chignon.  

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Best hair and nail supplement, hair & nail supplement Gloss & Toss FORTIFY

We think Gloss & Toss FORTIFY is the best hair and nail supplement.  Today we got photos from the lab and were really excited to see some progress and updates on our GLOSS & TOSS product launch.

Our hair and nail supplement contains many of the key essentials that magazines and salon customers around the world talk about when it comes to longer, stronger, healthier hair and nails.   We love FORTIFY and believe you will too.

For more information on GLOSS & TOSS FORTIFY and the other array of GLOSS & TOSS PRODUCTS, please visit us online today at - We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Gloss & Toss HAIR SHINE SERUM, Hair Styling Tip - How to get California Curls, Beachy Waves

How to get California Curls or Beachy Waves - This look is super simple.  In this video for GLOSSANDTOSS.NET, I explain a few simple ways to get what's called "beachy waves"  or "California Curls" as I like to call them.  This is a look that you can achieve on wet or dry hair.

ON WET HAIR:   Shampoo & condition as normal, use a setting lotion and a pearl size amount of Gloss & Toss HAIR SHINE SERUM for a smooth, finished look.  Wrap each section in larger barrel curls (pretend you're working with invisible rollers" and clip in place.  Allow to air dry.

ON DRY HAIR:    I use a large barrel curling iron, curl hair and create a barrel curl to allow cooling time and a better set.

Enjoy these great tips.

Billy Lowe

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Best hair shine serum - Gloss & Toss Shine

We believe Gloss & Toss SHINE is the best hair shine serum.  After years in the making and carefully sitting with this product, we're proud to announce it goes live Q1 2014.   But there's a lot about Gloss & Toss SHINE that you may not already know.  As much as it has to offer, we're discovering more about this amazing formula day after day.

We began researching other serums on the market only to find that many were flammable, consisted of heavily scented formulations, were thick and heavy, and on a professional level - hair color was almost impossible to penetrate some of these antiquated formulas.  But not Gloss & Toss SHINE.

Among the many benefits of Gloss & Toss Hair Shine Serum here are just a few that we started with.

  • Speed up blow-dry time
  • Fight frizz & humidity
  • Control unruly ends
  • Add beautiful luster & polish to hair
  • Provide an extra moisture boost
Gloss & Toss Shine is also great in the salon because hair stylists can add a small amount to professional color formulas for extra slip during color application.    A small amount can also be added to conditioner for an at-home conditioning mask.  

  • Gloss & Toss Shine is NOT FLAMMABLE
  • Contains no fragrance or dyes
  • Is not tested on animals
  • Is manufactured and developed here in the United States
  • And was developed by a celebrity hair stylist under the direction of one of the beauty industry's leading chemists before his retirement.  

So, what's not to love.   

And finally - with the beauty industry craze about argan oil, many people do not know that the argan tree is on the endangered list with the demand for argan oil growing every day.   We are proud that Gloss & Toss Shine is environmentally conscious in this respect.  

So from all of us at the Gloss & Toss family - we look forward to hearing your feedback and how much you love the formula for Gloss & Toss SHINE and other products with the brand.  

Friday, November 01, 2013

Getting a Makeover in Hollywood or Beverly Hills

Billy and guest client for a makeover - head to toe
Makeovers in Hollywood.

When my client called from Florida, she said "You seemed so sweet and approachable and your location didn't seem stuffy like all those other Beverly Hills salons so I knew I had to call you.  Then when I found out you went to college in Kentucky - I knew you had to be good people."  

It's comments like these that always make my work super special, and rewarding.   I was never one of those "I'm the artist now sit down" hair stylists.    What do I know?   Many stylists go down that road only to find short lived careers and ultimate burn-out after 10-15 years of know-it-all mentality.  I revel in my work, the results, and how it makes people feel when you spin them around in the chair.  It's that split-second AHA moment - and almost teary reactions that make me love what I do more and more every day.

Truth be told, I can't take all the credit.  I have a brilliant team of experts around me that make my work look amazing.   When it comes to professional wardrobe styling, I can't think of anyone else than my dear friend Jill Laine for wardrobe styling in Los Angeles.

So when it comes to your own special event whether it's a get-together, an anniversary, a celebration of some kind (or perhaps you dumped your boyfriend and you're hitting the town with your best girlfriend) - we love working with people just like you - who want to look good, feel great, and love who you are - even for one special day.

To all of you out there (and though I may never get to meet ALL of you)  I thank you for keeping me passionate about my work and loving this torch that I've been called to carry.  

Always yours in beauty,

Billy Lowe

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