Thursday, October 03, 2013

Shaving Tips for Men - How to Shave

Billy Lowe - circa 1979
Billy Lowe tips on how to shave!

I've been shaving since I was 8 years old.  Well, not really.  Dad used to take the blades out of his razors and let me pretend to shave at the bathroom sink.  You can definitely tell what year it was because of the tile, the plastic pink curtains and the fuzzy covers here and there.

I felt really grown up.  While this photo was taken circa 1979, I should have known long ago that I'd fall in love with the world of beauty, and share tips with the world on beauty routines along the way.  The teacher in me never sleeps and I have an obvious passion for the world of beauty tips and how to's.  So men, listen up; this one's for you.

When I shave, I shave 2-3 times.  

  • 1x - To rid facial hair
  • 2x - To get ..................a closer cut
  • 3x - To get a deeper exfoliation and reveal a brighter more beautiful complexion

So just what all is involved in a beauty expert's shaving routine?   Here you go.


  1. Use a pre-shave oil to soften the skin and nourish the facial hair
  2. Use a light facial cleanser and lather all over face with comfortably hot water
  3. Use a manual exfoliant (facial scrub) recommended by your skin care professional.  Work in soft round motions to prep hair for shaving 
  4. Use a shaving cream and apply to facial hair
  5. Work with a weighted razor (not a light, cheap plastic one), and one that has 3-4 blades and a comfort strip
  6. Shave in a downward motion (with the growth of the hair)
  7. Rinse with cool water.  
  8. Towel blot, do NOT use alcohol on skin
  9. Apply a hydrating spray
  10. Moisturize (day or night) on slightly damp skin (don't forget the ear area where skin shows signs of agin)
Repeat Steps 4-6 as needed.  

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT.    My shave tips or men - from all walks of life.   Shaving in this manner, in my experience prevents in-grown hair, break-outs, and irritation and provides for a very comfortable, close shave.