Quick blow-dry tips for your hair

You don't need to spend an hour blow-drying your hair.  Believe it or not, it can be much easier than you think.  But having the right products and the right styling tools can definitely be helpful.

I'd say I have "some" experience with holding a hair dryer - and somehow managing to handle clips, brushes, combs, hair, and chat with the client all at the same time.  Oh, did I mention keeping my balance?  So here's the skinny on fabulous hair.


  1. Start with your favorite shampoo and conditioner.  Don't overdo the conditioner or it may leave you with limp/lifeless hair.  And be careful not to overuse conditioning oil treatments.   Hair needs to breathe you know.  
  2. After cleansing hair, apply a light-weight leave in hydrator/detangler and brush through using a large paddle brush.  
  3. Use Gloss & Toss hair shine serum by Billy Lowe - for ultimate polish and shine.  It only takes a little of this miracle formula.  Start applying mid-shaft through to the ends and distribute evenly using a large paddle brush. 
  4. Blow-dry hair until it is 80-90% dry.   Hair doesn't take shape until it is at least that dry.  I always start at the roots and make sure they are dry first. 
  5. Using a large round brush (metal or ceramic are my preferences) blow-dry hair in larger sections (since hair is almost dry anyway) keeping good tension on the hair as needed and keeping brush/dryer moving.   Never "park" the hair dryer onto the hair nor leave dryer pointed in one spot.   Always keep it moving.  
  6. Once dried, apply GLOSS & TOSS hair shine serum through to the ends as needed for final shine or control of hair.  
I generally start in the front when blow-drying hair.  This is good to do on your own especially if you are in a rush.  The back can always air-dry on its own if you run out of time in your styling.  

Look for GLOSS & TOSS this season for ultimate polish and shine.  Truly the ultimate hair shine serum.  

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