Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to blow dry your hair if you have extensions

How do I dry my hair if I have extensions?

GREAT QUESTION.   Extensions can be a little tricky.  First of all you have hair attached to your hair and it is either connected in tracks, or clusters.  It can actually be a little tricky to style or shampoo hair when you have extensions.  My best advice is to work neatly, not to "pile hair" when you shampoo, work with styling brushes made for extensions or paddle brushes with larger bristles.  I don't recommend using combs at all for clients that have extensions.

So here it is:

1.  Shampoo and condition as normal.  I suggest not adding too much conditioner at the scalp area nor near the extension connection areas to avoid "extension slipping."
2.  Towel dry and apply a light detangling spray and brush hair with a large paddle brush or a brush made specifically for your extensions.
3.  Loosely blow-dry hair paying close attention to the root area to be sure it is completely dry as well as the next inch or 2 of hair.  You can't brush hair from roots to ends because you'll tear through the extension connection areas so it's good to be sure the first 2-3 inches (from the scalp) is dry before you begin using a brush.
4.  Using a large round brush or paddle brush - style as desired being careful not to pull hair too taught.

The key here is to stay away from the connection areas as much as possible while working through the hair.

Keep up with your extension change dates.  This keeps natural hair looking its healthiest and prevents loose tracks and unkempt sections.

Enjoy.  Billy Lowe

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