Thursday, September 26, 2013

How often should you clean your hair brushes or styling tools?

Cleaning your styling tools.

Many people ask me "How often should I clean my hair brushes?"

Good question. Obviously working with the public, it's important for me to cleanse my styling tools after each and every client.  The truth is, hair products build up on your brushes and combs and can also build up on your hair as a result.  It's always a good idea that, after styling your hair, you rinse your combs or brushes with warm water to remove product build-up or hair that may have fallen out.   Keeping your styling tools clean and ready to use helps provide better styling results so you're working with true product application and not yesterday's product build-up.

There are a few pieces I've worked with for many years.   Here's a little...............
insider scoop on what I've used to date in my day-to-day hair practice.

  1. Carbon combs.   Combs are a great investment and I don't buy 99 cent combs.  I buy carbon combs that retail for about $10 each.  They glide right through hair and are static resistant.  
  2. Olivia Garden brushes.  I love the pro-thermal line.   They help with drying time and give hair a smooth, polished look. 
  3. Rat-tail combs.  These are great for sectioning hair if you need to add cushion or tease crown area to add volume to hair.  
  4. Duck-bill clips.  These are silver slips that help section hair or hold in place while styling.  These are also great for barrel curls.  
  5. Velcro rollers.   Velcro rollers help shape hair while it's cooling off or being dried to add volume and movement.  
Taking care of your products and styling tools not only gives you better salon results at home, but extends the life and use of your styling kit.  

Enjoy these great tips and make it a great hair day.  

Billy Lowe and team.