Friday, September 27, 2013

Hair Style Tips - Hair Brush Separation Ends

The tips reverse to help section hair. 
So just what are those little red tips at the end of your hair brush?   

Believe it or not, they are reversible. This is actually one of my favorite hair style tips because not many people know about it.  As you see in this photo, the tips actually come out and can act as a separation tool for blow-drying your hair.  I work with these tips to separate sections during the blow dry process.  This speeds up my work, keeps sections neat, and helps prevent tangling and pulling while I work.

At the end of the day, simply turn them back around to save space in your drawer or hair kits.  I love working with metal or ceramic round brushes because they give a lot of movement in hair and allow a lot of "space" in the overall style and end result.

So give it a "twist" and let us know how you do.  Happy styling.

Billy Lowe

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