Monday, September 30, 2013

Hair Salon Treatments - Benefits of Scalp Massage

Billy Lowe and client at shampoo area for scalp treatment
Hair salons in Beverly Hills offer many additional services to your salon visit.  The benefits of scalp massage go without saying.  Not only does it feel good, but there have been many articles written about the benefits of scalp (and body) massage over time.

Many of my salon clients agree that shampoo time in the salon (second to a perfect blow-out) is probably their favorite item on the menu.  The warm water pouring over one's scalp, various shampoo and conditioning fragrances, perhaps a little incense, and a great, therapeutic shampoo and conditioning treatment just make the whole salon experience extra special.

While it doesn't quite feel the same when you do it yourself, the benefits are still these for scalp massage:

  1. Cleansing hair and scalp
  2. Helping exfoliate ...................scalp area to remove dead surface cells
  3. Stimulating circulation at the scalp area which helps detox as well
  4. Removing excess build-up of products in hair and scalp area
and so much more.  In fact, many hair salons offer spa scalp treatments and extra massage time at the shampoo area as an add-on service to the client's visit.  

Some additional services might include: 
  1. Deep conditioning treatments with massage
  2. Anti-oxidant detox scalp treatment
  3. Deep cleansing hair and scalp treatment with massage
  4. Sea mud masque
just to name a few.   

So the next time you're in the hair salon, be sure to treat yourself to an extra service or two, especially if they call for a relaxing scalp massage.  You'll be glad you did.  

Billy Lowe
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