Friday, September 27, 2013

Hair Salon Shampoo Area - Beverly Hills

Hair Salons in Beverly Hills (and around the world for that matter) are listening to client concerns when it comes to the shampoo area.  There's nothing worse than leaning back against a cold, hard shampoo bowl.

No more 1960's push-back chairs with cracked plastic covers and squeaky recliners.   NO!   We're talking Judy Jetson, ergonomic, extra comfy chairs, and shampoo bowls that pivot up and down for maximum client comfort.  Pricey?  Yes.  But worth it to the client?   VERY!!!

When clients sit down at the shampoo area, they want to relax.   They don't want to feel a hard, cold shampoo bowl.  And to me, something is still missing even with the most ergonomically friendly setups.  The neck can often become very uncomfortable against a hard shampoo bowl and rubber neck mats seem disgustingly unclean and I doubt they get any attention when it comes to that.  So what's a client (or stylist) to do to feel more comfortable at the shampoo area?  The solution is simple.

Most people wrap a towel around the client's neck, but that still doesn't really do it.  I suggest...................
lining a towel over the bowl (one layer, don't fold) and allow towel to drape into the sink.  Who cares if it gets wet?  It's going to be washed anyway. This gives clients a little extra padding, a little extra comfort, and towels give a more cradled feeling for the shampoo experience.  So if you're a client with an upcoming salon appointment, simply ask your stylist to drape a towel halfway over the neck area to allow a little more comfort, and to prevent leaning back against a cold shampoo bowl.  I think the experience is a much more pleasant one and it helps prevent water spills as well.

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