Monday, September 23, 2013

Hair and Makeup On location - Beverly Hills and AOL

My studio set-up at AOL for a day of beauty.  
Hair and makeup Los Angeles on location.
I love on location services.  It's especially fun when you get to work with the exciting team of AOL and Huffington Post.  Last week I was invited to style hair for the ladies of the office on Friday and had a great time.

What if every office across the country offered ancillary services and "feel good" days for their staff by bringing someone in for quick massages, pamper treatments, wardrobe styling, whatever.  Imagine how much more FUN it would be to go to work.  Imagine the "look good - feel good" moments people would experience not just on a Friday night but all day long at work.  Now that's something to make you WANT to go to work.

For these types of opportunities, please give my team a call and we can create something fun and exciting just for you.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Billy Lowe and team can help you create:

  • On location services
  • Client/Customer/Employee appreciation events
  • Product launches
  • Press junkets/media events
  • Corporate events/Executive retreats 
  • Sales campaigns and brand initiatives
and so much more.   Please visit to learn more.  

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