Monday, August 26, 2013

National Dog Day

Panda and Billy - Santa Monica Spring 2013
Today is National Dog Day - 2013.  I can't believe where time goes, but I remember as a kid having a little dog named Lassie.   She was a little black dog that my dad got for me when I was about 7 or 8.  Unfortunately, Lassie passed away well before her time and I never thought I'd have a dog again, nor be ready for one. 

In 2010, much like the rest of the world, it seemed life and careers were spiraling out of control especially with the world of social media completely remapping how people spent money on salon/beauty services.   Much production work was continuing to leave Los Angeles and the economy was just so uncertain leaving people to stretch salon services, or "DIY" services.   During this time I decided to close a salon I owned due to some structural damage we had to the building.

So what did I decide to do??????   I thought to myself...............
"I'll go on Craigslist to see if there's a puppy for adoption."   Well of course there's a puppy for adoption on Craigslist.  In fact there were hundreds of them.  But life came to a screeching halt when I saw a little black and white puppy that would soon become my best friend in the world.  Her given name was Panda.

She was 3-4 weeks old when she was left at an adoption center and adopted out to a family with two little boys.  I think the family was really busy, one of the boys dropped Panda and hurt her back toe, she had surgery on it, and the family decided to take Panda back to the adoption center to find a more suitable companion for Panda. At the time I met her she was 3 months old (born July 2010, I adopted her October 2010). 

While closing a business and taking next steps all seemed so uncertain, as they say - "God works in mysterious ways."   Panda came into my life in a time when I needed to stay grounded, focused, and centered.  Today that is more true than ever.  She's a second conscience in the room and keeps me on point and responsible to her, my home, and myself more than I've ever been in my life. 
Panda rests her head on my shoulders when we drive.

It took us a little time to overcome some separation anxiety (on both of our parts).  It absolutely breaks my heart to leave her during the day but I now know that she needs her space just as I do and I try to give her that space.

Here are a few of our favorite things to do.

1.  Panda LOVES Avila Beach - San Luis Obispo, CA area
2.  Panda LOVES riding in the car - even if it's just to drive around the block a few times
3.  When we're in the car - she rests her head on my shoulders while I drive
4.  Panda has 3-4 beds around the house but she loves my big leather chair
5.  We LOVE movie night at home
6.  Panda loves to be near me when I cook - hoping I'll drop a little something I'm sure

All in all - I wouldn't trade a single day.  I'd do it all over again.  She rescued me that's for sure and I can't imagine my life without her.   It's the most basic form of love that there is.   It doesn't require a  lot of thought - it doesn't require a "honey do list"  and it's never a bother to love her.  In fact - it's the greatest joy I could hope for.

So if you're thinking of adopting a dog - there is definitely a LOT to consider.  But if you're able - I say go for it.  Panda lives to love me, and I live to love and take care of her.   She's become my sweet little lady - and the joy she has brought into my life is absolutely priceless.

Some tricks Panda has learned: 

Like a lady:     She takes her treats from me like a lady.  She doesn't snatch them.

Place:  This is for her blanket in the living room.

Bedroom:  This is where Panda rests (my bedroom) if I'm on a conference call or working. 

Sit:  The obvious

Wait:  A holding command meaning wait, stay still,

Shake Hands:    Her left front paw to greet you

Kisses:  She kisses my nose

Snuggle:   Morning time hugs.  She nestles herself at my chest and we hit snooze a couple of times and wake up together

Panda's Car:   that's all I need to say and she knows we're going somewhere

She knows about 30-40 words by now and she's super smart.     And loves making new friends.  So feel free to say hello to us if you ever see us at the dogpark.

and Panda Lowe. 

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