Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kate Middleton Hair - How to style your hair like Kate Middleton

Photo Jeromy Robert - Hair Billy Lowe
How to style your hair like Kate Middleton:
Royal hair is cinch - no really.  It's true.    Long hair is in - shorter helmet styles - definitely out. And choppy razored looks are just so harsh.    I'm a hair guy - through and through.  And if you've got it - flaunt it.    That's not to say shorter styles can't be attractive, I just prefer longer looks.

So here's how I do it.

First - I like a lot of space in hair.  I think hair that moves carelessly is absolutely gorgeous.  

1.  Shampoo and condition hair as normal - using professionally recommended products.

2.  Apply a light weight leave-in spray or detangling serum and brush through with a large........
paddle brush.

3.  Use a light weight styling serum (we recommend Gloss & Toss from Billy Lowe)  and apply mid shaft through to the ends.  Stay away from scalp area unless you need more control and performance there.  The oils from the scalp usually nourish that area - so treatment products are mostly needed on the ends.

4.   Blow-dry hair loosly (80-90% dry) with fingers.   Hair doesn't take shape until it's mostly dry.  You don't iron wet shirts.  Same is true for your hair.  It would scorch!!!

5.  Using a large round brush - take large sections and style.     High heat - medium speed on your blow-dryer.  Keep the brush and dryer moving and don't "park" the hair dryer on your hair for any length of time.

6.  Blow-dry all dried hair on cool in an upside down manner to add space to hair and to cool off
your work.  

Voila - gorgeous tresses that are worthy of the red carpet - and a royal baby.

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