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Directions to the Batcave - Hiking in Los Angeles - Bronson Canyon

The "Bat Cave" or "Bronson Caves" Phone pic by Billy Lowe
Directions to the Bat Cave:  Bronson Canyon

The Batcave can be found in the Bronson hiking trails of Los Angeles and is part of famous Griffith Park in the Los Feliz area.  Miles of hiking throughout this gorgeous area provides for the most amazing workout, a fun time with friends, and of course, a little bit of Hollywood history.   

If you're looking for the famous Batcave (also known as Bronson Caves), be ready to veer right.  Read on and I'll tell you more.

The hiking trails begin in a residential neighborhood up Bronson Canyon.  Bronson leads up to the park's parking areas where walkers begin their workout as early as 5 and 6am some days.  The park closes at Sunset so check your time (summer vs winter) so you don't miss a great hike.  Here's how I suggest finding the famous cave.

Inside "Bat Cave" Phone pic by Billy Lowe
1.  Park your car in the parking area as you near the park entrance (driving up Bronson Canyon).
2.  Walk up through the entrance gates, following the red sidewalk area
3.  The sidewalk will veer right and you want to STAY RIGHT along that section
4.  This will take you up the hill to a fork - where you'll veer left, and see the cave a few hundred feet ahead of you.

Today's temps were 70 and breezy, sunny and bright, and sunscreen and water were both definitely top of the list. 

I hope you enjoy reading    I am proud to work as a licensed real estate agent in Los Angeles and blogging about my favorite finds around town to help tourists, travelers, relocations or locals find fun things to do here in town.

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Marilyn Monroe Statue Palm Springs

Forever Marilyn photo by Billy Lowe via Instagram
Palm Springs life is something I've been drawn to year after year.  After an hour and a  half drive from Los Angeles, one exits the famous 111 exit and somehow the cares of city-living just seem to fade away as he wraps around the mountain - destination Palm Springs, California.  One exciting attraction is Forever Marilyn.  This 26 foot statue began her journey in May of 2012 from the famous Windy City and fans from around the world have adored her day after day ever since. 

With so much to see and do right around the area, Marilyn makes a great welcome to anyone out on a stroll, having a quick champagne brunch at , or perhaps sitting for a coffee across the street.  Weather this weekend and here in early March was a comfortable 85 degrees during the day and the cool mornings made getting out and about a true vacation feel in one of my favorite towns in the world.  A few of my favorite things to do whilst there:
  • The Arial Tramway - for a journey 5,000 feet up and city vistas all around
  • A walk through old Las Palmas to view some of the fabulous homes and architecture
  • Jazz nightclubs throughout town
  • A day of shopping in Palm Desert
  • Brunch on the golf course
  • A cocktail at The Parker  Hotel
Or perhaps, just a relaxing day by the pool.  With weather still being (unbearable?) quite cold throughout different parts of the country, Palm Springs offers the perfect get-away during this time of year, and it's an area I enjoy being in year round despite the summertime heat.

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