Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Things to do in Los Angeles - The Hudson West Hollywood

The Hudson West Hollywood:  cam photo Billy Lowe
If you're looking for things to do in Los Angeles, there's nothing like Happy Hour at The Hudson in West Hollywood.  From fabulous ambiance to great happy hour dishes, a fun photo booth and great wait-staff, it's been one of my favorites for quite some time now.

What looks  like a little old house thrown back in time (with a tree growing up through the middle), The Hudson West Hollywood is a favorite to many.  Window-seat benches and look-over-West  Hollywood views keep the energy flowing in this fabulous little restaurant and bar perched right over West Hollywood at Crescent Heights and Santa Monica Boulevards, right in the heart of it all.

Visit The Hudson West Hollywood
1114 N Crescent Heights Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Los Angeles Art Show

The Los Angeles Art Show opened last night and what a turn out.  I had VIP tickets from a dear friend so we got there at 7pm for the pre-opening mixer, and hundreds of others turned out to experience the magic, the vision, and the passion of hundreds of exhibitors from all around the world.  From impressionists to gallery dealers, themed fountains and food art, there was so much to see and take in.  In fact, I'm going back today for round 2.  There was live art, painted faces, tires that were decorated to look like asian art and color color color was blown everywhere across the hall at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  I arrived at about 6:30pm and my friend met me shortly thereafter and attendees wore everything from their creative best to traditional wardrobe pieces and people from all walks of life attended, many of them driving for miles to experience the amazing opening.  

Los Angeles and Southern California truly have so much to offer when it comes to culture, living, and The California Lifestyle.  I'm delighted I got to experience this amazing show and look forward to reporting more back later in the day. 

Billy Lowe
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dog Parks in Los Angeles

Dog Parks in Los Angeles should be more plentiful.  With city restrictions and codes, traffic and the bustle - it's hard to know where to walk man's best friend.  I generally get up at 6am every morning (7am on a lazy day) and walk Panda for an hour.  In Beverly Hills the walking areas are really amazing and there's a little (unofficial) park at Doheny and Santa Monica Boulevards where dogs can roam at least for a little while. 

Here are two of my top favorites for dog parks in Los Angeles.  

Long Beach Dog Park
Santa Monica Dog Park

I really love Rosalynd's Dog beach in Long Beach because many dogs love the open air, fresh water smell, and the chase of the foam as it crashes into the shore.   Panda isn't quite brave (or big) enough to get in the water but it's fun to watch her chase the surf.
A fun day at the dog park with Panda

Having lived in Los Angeles for 15 years and knowing the city as I do, it's definitely an important element to the community.     I hope you find a great little place for you and your "best friend."

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