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Megan and Liz The List Perfect Prom Hair

The List presents celebrity hair stylist Billy Lowe and Megan and Liz on PERFECT PROM HAIR with Billy Lowe.

Makeup Lessons Los Angeles

Makeup lessons and tutorials come in lots of different packages.  In Los Angeles and Southern California, looking your best is at the top of everyone's list and each year thousands of students flock to the Hollywood market to learn the best celebrity beauty tips from industry leaders and experts. 

Our good friend Melissa McNamara is a seasoned makeup and industry expert who not only provides makeup application for various events, but she also works with makeup students to teach them everything they need to know about building their own makeup practice.   Melissa's skill with a makeup brush and her creative flair have both been used for red carpet events, weddings, product launches and beauty education around the globe.   For more information on makeup lessons or application, visit and tell Melissa Billy Lowe sent you.