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Hair Color in Hollywood

Hair was certainly understated this year for The Oscars. 

Classic ponytails are still the rave in the world of celebrity beauty and shoulder length styles are certainly here to stay.  Cameron Diaz looked hot as usual with her fabulous do and Angelina Jolie gave us locks that were classic and romantic.  But one thing that was constant throughout the evening was flawless and radiant hair color that was so perfectly placed that it wasn't even worth mentioning.  While styles are usually the visible portion of hair, I can't help but notice color, color placement, and color results.  In a word - FLAWLESS.  Tones look softer, dimension is perfectly placed, and the blending and strapping of color gives better than natural looking results.   Slightly faded ends (ombre technique and dimensional highlights) gives that soft faded look and feel keeping hair looking soft and luxurious. 

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