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Best Hair Color Tips - Billy Lowe Beverly Hills

Hair Color in Beverly Hills:   I've corrected more "celebrity hair color" than you can imagine.   When it comes to hair color, there's only one word I use when giving advice:   RESEARCH.

Many people have never even had their hair professionally colored, and many others return time and time again to their colorists as loyal as people are to medical professionals.  But color is something I take very seriously and with proper time and attention from both the professional and the client, results can be a sure win every time.

Here are some color DOs and DON'Ts.
Don't race your color appt.   It takes 45 minutes for color to be applied and processed and even longer if you add highlights.   This doesn't include shampooing or conditioning time, blow-out time, or checking in and out.  Color is an investment of your time and dollars. Be realistic with your color.  If you're a dark brown and you want to be cool blonde,  be realistic.  First of all, I don't thi…

Achieve Dreams And Speed Up Success By Clicking With Mentors -

Billy Lowe was featured in ilInvestors Business Daily on the topic of mentors.

'I credit "Mama June" from my home church for being the mentor who encouraged me in life. I had no idea what a college application would look like but Mama June taught me how to apply to college and create an amazing portfolio of my accomplishments, newspaper articles, competitions and contests, school achievements, etc. She saw so much in me and always encouraged me to audition or apply for this or that, take on some new project or other, and I'll always be grateful for her guidance and support and push forward even when I didn't have the push myself.

"I hope you enjoy the article today in Investors Business Daily. Mama June you're the best!"

Achieve Dreams And Speed Up Success By Clicking With Mentors -

How to get on reality television!

When it comes to press and media, my friend Dan Janal of is king of them all.  From my features in magazine articles to news segments, radio shows to hosting, Dan's business has been a complete asset to my brand, my role as a beauty leader, and in being of service to others.  Because of Dan's service, I receive hundreds of calls and inquiries on beauty related topics having worked in Hollywood as a key beauty player for so many years.

I received a call the other day from Dan who wanted to know how to get on reality TV.  I told Dan, it's more than just having a concept; it's really about what sets you apart and gives viewers a compelling reason to want to watch you time and time again.  So here's what I said in Dan's article

Reprinted by permission: 

Dan says: 
Frankly, I'd like to throw Khloe, Snooki and the Desperate Housewives of New Jersey under a bus.
But it seems like everyone wants to be a reality TV star. If that's in your plan, …

Hit the party after work

All it takes is a cardigan, some eye shadow and lip gloss and you're ready for the after work event.

If you've been in 9 to 5 wear all day long and you're eager for happy hour or the next after-work gathering, loosen up with just a few quick and easy tips.   These quick and easy time savers will have you looking a little more casual, feeling a bit more comfortable, and save you a little more time rather than running home to change and then reconnecting. 

Trade the jacket for a cardigan.  Take a cardigan or light sweater with you for a night time change.  This will give you a more relaxed and comfortable feel rather than staying in a suit/jacket look all evening.  This even works for the guys. Deepen the lips with a darker lip gloss and liner.  This will give you a sultry evening look worthy of the night and whomever you may cross along the way. Give eyes a deeper m ore dramatic look with a deeper eye shadow.   Simply use a cotton ball to apply for a more smudged and smoky …

Bridal Show Los Angeles

Don't miss the upcoming Bridal Show and Wedding Expo at KNOTTS BERRY FARMS. 

My friends at the Great Bridal Expo will be showcasing yet another exciting bridal show at this amazing location.    Through the years I've had the opportunity to speak at these fabulous events and they are a lot of fun and NOT to be missed.

Here's the skinny:

February 19, 2012
11am to 4pm

Knott's Berry Farm Resort Hotel - Buena Park
7675 Crescent Ave.  •  Buena Park, CA 90620

Visit today for more information.