Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It gets better

It gets better!  On a personal note I'm super excited to be revisiting some of my musical past.   Though my work continues day to day in the world of Hollywood beauty, sitting down at the piano again has been really wonderful.    I wrote this song called Life is a Ball as I begin a new chapter and am uncovering some old passions.  Through some of my own experiences with bullying and "making it through" these lyrics and music were born.  I never imagined having the opportunity to speak out against something that I lived with for years not only on the school grounds, but at home and at church as well.  No matter where you are, and no matter what you are going through, you WILL get through it.   Life is the answer.  So many times it's easy to feel back against the wall as if there's nowhere to go, and as tired as you may feel, you'll get up again if you just hold strong and have faith in who you are and that others need you.  

You're not alone, it gets better.  Checking out is not the answer.   Perhaps you're the shoulder that someone else needs.  Perhaps you're the ear or the friend and your experience may just help someone else.   You may be the next Picasso.  You may be the next president.  So stick around and see where life takes you.  Your journey isn't over.    Life is a ball and I hope you live out every minute of it.    I hope you enjoy this song and remember IT GETS BETTER.

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