Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hair Vitamins - best hair and nail supplement

Hair & nail supplements - hair & nail vitamins 

Billy Lowe, founder and creator of GLOSS & TOSS, bottles these essentials in his own hair and nail supplement.    Introducing - Gloss & Toss Hair and Nail Supplement.

Hair vitamins are an essential part of any beauty routine; or so says many of my clients.   Clients in the salon are constantly talking about essentials for their healthy hair and nails.  Over the years, countltess clients, expecting mothers and celebrities have shared with me personally what they take for their gorgeous hair and nails and I'm excited to bring all these red carpet secrets together with the launch of GLOSS & TOSS Hair and Nail Supplement this year.

Please continue to watch for exciting information coming soon about this exciting product as well as GLOSS & TOSS SHINE SERUM, all due on the shelves by December 2013.

We look forward to sharing more with you soon.

The team of Billy Lowe