Saturday, July 21, 2012

Davis Foods Ugly Pies

 Davis Foods Ugly Pies in Los Angeles have it down.  I attended LA's Largest Mixer this past week which is a huge networking event and met the amazing team of Davis Foods.  The ladies were working fearlessly behind their booth handing out samples of love in every bite with their ugly pies.  I walked right up and felt like I was at a dinner at church back in the day.  Clear cellophane covered every tray and small samples were handed to each visitor with such love and care.    It was obvious these amazing cooks took great pride in their work and in being sure everyone enjoyed every single bite (or should I say bites - plural).

These delicious pies came in several different flavors but I couldn't get enough of the cherry cream nut pie.  Deliciousness in every bite.  You don't know whether to continue chewing, catch your breath, or try to explain how delicious it is - yet all three of those things sort of happen at the same time as I doubled over with LOVE and every taste.    I could go on and on about their talent, their amazing spirit, and service, but maybe you s hould check it out for yourself by ordering a pie, or two, or three.  

Davis Ugly Pies
Ph:   323-313-9556
Billy Lowe enjoying a piece of ugly pie.   Yummmmm

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