Thursday, June 21, 2012

Skincare tips

Skincare tips are a dime a dozen on countless websites and magazine write-ups all around the world.  Many people truly believe skincare is some great mystery.  While there definitely are some steps involved, it doesn't have to be as difficult as commercials and ads seem to make it.  By understanding your own skin and skincare needs, you'll do well to establish your own "routine" and what works for you.   Much of it varies person to person, season to season, and honestly climate to climate. 

Discuss your skincare needs with your beauty professional!
For example, weather, temperature and skincare results will be different in Palm Springs, CA than somewhere like Atlanta, GA where the weather is much more humid.  So start by understanding a few things.
  1. Where are you?  Dry? Humid? Hot? Cold?  
  2. What is your understanding of your skin?  Oily? Dry? Break-outs? Trouble areas? 
  3. What is your lifestyle?  Working professional? At-home parent? Student? 
  4. What is going on in your life right now?  Active teen? College student? Working professional? Mother of 3? Newlywed?  
As you can see there is so much to consider when it comes to your skin, skincare routines, your timing, and lifestyle.   Not everyone wants to spend 10 minutes a day on skincare (twice a day at that).  Others don't mind doing whatever it takes to keep their skin looking its very best.  

To book your appointment with Billy Lowe and his red carpet team for your own skincare needs, please call 310-430-4045.  With a complete understanding of products and systems, we'll help you select products that are right for you and even go with you while you shop.

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