Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hair Color Classes in Los Angeles


HAIR COLOR CLASS LOS ANGELES:  Workshop fee:  $795
This two day intensive includes personal hands on training and education as well as an in depth study of the world of color and all its magic, the opportunity to bring and work on models, as well as develop and enhance your skills of the world of color.   Yes you'll have homework but you'll be polished and ready to dive into the world of color right away.   A minimum of 5 students is needed for this two-day workshop fee and can be hosted at your salon, school, or other location.  

It has been my experience, after countless color correction procedures, that color education is an ongoing process for all of us in the world of beauty.  Having a degree in Education and having lead countless beauty and education seminars around the world, I'm thrilled this year to announce my own "red carpet" color workshops for newcomer students that want to fast track their hair color education.

Even many experienced hair stylists "pick and pray" when it comes to hair color.   Many of my reality show colleagues have been faced with situations and color requests that just didn't turn out quite right and I've worked diligently to correct these mishaps and get the clients what they want time and time again. 

Hair Color is a science, it's an artistry, it's a feeling and it's a personality unto itself.  If you're a recent graduate from beauty school and you're looking for advanced color training, I've had the honor of putting together a great curriculum for color training from my years in beauty education and leadership.  You don't need to guess at what you're doing.   I'll teach you everything you need to know about color, technique, formulation, color blending, highlighting and even color correction.

I look forward to welcoming you into this magical world that I love so much and sharing all that I know about the world of color education.

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