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Billy Lowe College Graduation 1993
Well another year is ending and as we said in the 80's - SCHOOLS OUT BABY.  Wasn't there a rap? Or a rapper? Or a comic? Or a show?

Needless to say the team of Billy Lowe has been super busy with hair and makeup for graduation 2012 and tons of on location services to get the grads glammed up for their special day.   But while most people don't even realize it, the luxury of in-home services can be really nice especially when it comes to hair and makeup.  By the time you leave your house, drive to a salon (in Los Angeles this one-way drive alone can take an hour to do), have your hair and makeup done, then drive back home to get ready - YOU'RE A MESS BABY!!!

Having a professional hair and makeup team come to you benefits you in the following ways:
  1. Minimizes travel time
  2. Minimizes down time
  3. Keeps you relaxed and calm (the coming and going can make you perspire which will completely mess up those perfectly coiffed tresses)
  4. Minimizes hot (or cold) exposure which can wreak havoc on hair and makeup
  5. Minimizes "social touch-ups"
  6. You're relaxed in the comforts of your own home
And the benefits list could go on and on.  So when it comes to hair and makeup for your special events (Graduations, Weddings, Speaking events, Christmas, Year End etc) bring the team of Billy Lowe to your door for all things hair and makeup.  

To book Billy Lowe for your special events, simply call 310-430-4045.   

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