Thursday, June 21, 2012

Skincare tips

Skincare tips are a dime a dozen on countless websites and magazine write-ups all around the world.  Many people truly believe skincare is some great mystery.  While there definitely are some steps involved, it doesn't have to be as difficult as commercials and ads seem to make it.  By understanding your own skin and skincare needs, you'll do well to establish your own "routine" and what works for you.   Much of it varies person to person, season to season, and honestly climate to climate. 

Discuss your skincare needs with your beauty professional!
For example, weather, temperature and skincare results will be different in Palm Springs, CA than somewhere like Atlanta, GA where the weather is much more humid.  So start by understanding a few things.
  1. Where are you?  Dry? Humid? Hot? Cold?  
  2. What is your understanding of your skin?  Oily? Dry? Break-outs? Trouble areas? 
  3. What is your lifestyle?  Working professional? At-home parent? Student? 
  4. What is going on in your life right now?  Active teen? College student? Working professional? Mother of 3? Newlywed?  
As you can see there is so much to consider when it comes to your skin, skincare routines, your timing, and lifestyle.   Not everyone wants to spend 10 minutes a day on skincare (twice a day at that).  Others don't mind doing whatever it takes to keep their skin looking its very best.  

To book your appointment with Billy Lowe and his red carpet team for your own skincare needs, please call 310-430-4045.  With a complete understanding of products and systems, we'll help you select products that are right for you and even go with you while you shop.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hair Color Classes in Los Angeles


HAIR COLOR CLASS LOS ANGELES:  Workshop fee:  $795
This two day intensive includes personal hands on training and education as well as an in depth study of the world of color and all its magic, the opportunity to bring and work on models, as well as develop and enhance your skills of the world of color.   Yes you'll have homework but you'll be polished and ready to dive into the world of color right away.   A minimum of 5 students is needed for this two-day workshop fee and can be hosted at your salon, school, or other location.  

It has been my experience, after countless color correction procedures, that color education is an ongoing process for all of us in the world of beauty.  Having a degree in Education and having lead countless beauty and education seminars around the world, I'm thrilled this year to announce my own "red carpet" color workshops for newcomer students that want to fast track their hair color education.

Even many experienced hair stylists "pick and pray" when it comes to hair color.   Many of my reality show colleagues have been faced with situations and color requests that just didn't turn out quite right and I've worked diligently to correct these mishaps and get the clients what they want time and time again. 

Hair Color is a science, it's an artistry, it's a feeling and it's a personality unto itself.  If you're a recent graduate from beauty school and you're looking for advanced color training, I've had the honor of putting together a great curriculum for color training from my years in beauty education and leadership.  You don't need to guess at what you're doing.   I'll teach you everything you need to know about color, technique, formulation, color blending, highlighting and even color correction.

I look forward to welcoming you into this magical world that I love so much and sharing all that I know about the world of color education.

Studio:  310-430-4045

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hair and Makeup Los Angeles Beverly Hills Special Events

Billy Lowe and Clarisonic team a HIT in DC
Hair and makeup in Los Angeles is contracted out for countless events, product launches, press/media campaigns, weddings, other celebrations as well as day-to-day beauty.  The team of Billy Lowe provides the most outstanding hair and makeup talent and experience for clients large and small and we look forward to learning more about you.

So whether you're looking for hair and makeup for commercials, video shoots, editorial, product launches, weddings or perhaps an executive retreat, please call the team of Billy Lowe for all your beauty needs.  For bookings please call 310-430-4045 with more information about your project or upcoming event.

"Billy Lowe made this shoot a blazing success!  The actors never looked so great and his direction helped contribute to the great outcomes."   SHOWTIME

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Graduation Hair and Makeup Los Angeles

Billy Lowe College Graduation 1993
Well another year is ending and as we said in the 80's - SCHOOLS OUT BABY.  Wasn't there a rap? Or a rapper? Or a comic? Or a show?

Needless to say the team of Billy Lowe has been super busy with hair and makeup for graduation 2012 and tons of on location services to get the grads glammed up for their special day.   But while most people don't even realize it, the luxury of in-home services can be really nice especially when it comes to hair and makeup.  By the time you leave your house, drive to a salon (in Los Angeles this one-way drive alone can take an hour to do), have your hair and makeup done, then drive back home to get ready - YOU'RE A MESS BABY!!!

Having a professional hair and makeup team come to you benefits you in the following ways:
  1. Minimizes travel time
  2. Minimizes down time
  3. Keeps you relaxed and calm (the coming and going can make you perspire which will completely mess up those perfectly coiffed tresses)
  4. Minimizes hot (or cold) exposure which can wreak havoc on hair and makeup
  5. Minimizes "social touch-ups"
  6. You're relaxed in the comforts of your own home
And the benefits list could go on and on.  So when it comes to hair and makeup for your special events (Graduations, Weddings, Speaking events, Christmas, Year End etc) bring the team of Billy Lowe to your door for all things hair and makeup.  

To book Billy Lowe for your special events, simply call 310-430-4045.   

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hair Color Beverly Hills Trends

Hair Color in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills typically presents multi-dimensional, soft, and full of shine results.  While single process color can be striking, dimensional hair color gives hair a healthy look and feel and the results are usually more "true to tone."  This means hair often hair a better than natural looking result.  Hair fades and softens over time so by applying dimensional color clients are given a softer more natural look to start.   What to ask for if you want dimensional color for your hair: 
  • Foiled hair color services
  • 2-3 colors applied w/ foiled or highlighted services
  • Balayage services using 2-3 different colors
  • Quick Washes
  • Block color placement

These are all great options to provide you with fun dimensional color. 

Clients can book their own hair color appointment for gorgeous hair color with Billy Lowe by calling 310-430-4045. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Event Planners Los Angeles Beverly Hills

Event planners in Los Angeles bring, perhaps, some of the most creative and stimulating experiences ever.  From 9 foot stilt walkers to dancing mimes that bring out your birthday treats, even mystical Candyland experiences with swag bags for all, we are truly honored with each and every one of our experiences in party planning in Los Angeles and around the Southern California areas.

For all your event planning needs, BILLY LOWE & team will help you from start to finish and provide the most outstanding experience for your special events or production opportunities.   Billy Lowe and team have provided memorable experiences for the following and more:
  • Christmas  and year end parties
  • Birthdays
  • Product launches, 
  • Press junkets
  • Beauty education 
and more.  Please call 310-430-4045 for all your event planning needs today. 

Summer Fashion in Los Angeles

Get your "boots" on this summer for a cool unstructured look!

Los Angeles fashion is definitely kick-back, sandy beach, hair down and hit the road kinda fashion.  It doesn't take perfectly coiffed hair or the perfectly polished shoe to fit in here.  What matters most seems to be comfort, ease and dare we say accessibility.  Our top picks for summertime cool?
  1. Boots Boots Boots
  2. Carefree tresses with the perfect color
  3. Day-glow skin and makeup 
  4. Easy transitions from day to night
  5. Top down baby and hit the PCH

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