Monday, May 21, 2012

Hair and makeup classes Los Angeles

Hair and Makeup classes in Los Angeles areas are not always easy to find.  There are countless salons and schools all over town but just who do you choose?  To find an outstanding hair and makeup class, you might not even know where to look.   But never fear; the red carpet team of BILLY LOWE is excited to announce outstanding hair and makeup classes for the consumer as well as the professional. 

Lead by celebrity hair stylist Billy Lowe and a team of Hollywood beauty experts, we'll show you the ropes when it comes to looking and feeling your best whether you're a new professional in the industry, or you'd like to learn a few tips of the trade for your own personal use.

Basic workshop fees start at $250.    These can be coordinated as 2-3 hour basic hair & makeup courses, or 1-2 day intensives for the industry professional.  A minimum of 10 attendees is needed for all classes booked.

For the general public: 
  • Understanding your hair, skincare and beauty needs
  • Understanding which products and tools are right for you
  • Understanding color blending for your makeup
  • Understanding cut & color for your hair
  • Advanced hair and makeup techniques 
  • Understanding and buildiing your own hair & make-up kit for use at home
For the hair & makeup professional:
  • Analyzing your professional kit and knowing what to use and when
  • Understanding of work in Hollywood as a hair and makeup artist and ways to "break in"
  • Building your clientele base
  • Learning marketing strategies for growing your business
and so much more.

Continuing education and workshops include: 
Radiant looking skin at any age
Advanced exfoliation methods at home
Wedding Day hair and makeup
Day-to-night hair and makeup workshops
Red carpet hair and makeup workshops

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