Friday, May 25, 2012

Beauty Workshops Los Angeles - Skin Authority

Skincare, Beauty, Beauty Workshops, Hollywood, Beverly Hills,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ahhhhhh  what an exciting day yesterday. I was invited to a VIP beauty workshop for SKIN AUTHORITY, a wonderful skincare line on the market that addresses so many different issues in the skin.  A native of Georgia, and a total California boy at heart, I love me some good ol' sunshine and California sun is just so nice and warm, and toasty, and roasty,,,,,,and I could go on and on.

Billy Lowe meets Skin Authority's Celeste Hilling along with Melissa McNamara

But as we're all getting more and more savvy about skincare and skincare needs, I walked away with a nice facial treatment, glowing skin that felt comfortable and not overdone, and a system that is simple enough to use every day, and addresses most of my concerns.   I had the opportunity to meet SKIN AUTHORITY'S CEO Celeste who gave great information and education on her product line and was joined by my fabulous makeup artist Melissa McNamara who also indulged in a little mini treatment for the eye area. 

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