Tuesday, April 17, 2012

After You've Gone - Cover

This was another great cover song I was able to lay down in the studio last week and had a great time w/ my friend Daniel Coffeng on guitar. Great job Daniel and thanks for helping me do this song.

Check out the fun and excitement I'm having on my music channel.   Enjoy.   

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summer is Gone - Billy Lowe Music

Well it's been a very long time and it's never really been something I've talked about much, but I've been taking care of everyone else's "roots" for so long that I've seemed to have forgotten my own.  Music was my first language, my first love, and my first passion.  I started training in piano performance many years ago, and competed professionally all throughout high school and college, toured the states with a music troupe and have played for more weddings and bars than I could dare to keep count of.  While I'm no "show tunes belter" and doubt I'll ever sing New York New York again, its been a true blast to get back in the recording studio lately and lay down some songs and get creative again.  I have my own official youtube music channel called Official Billy Lowe and will upload a few songs along and along just to share what I do and my passions w/ the world.  

In this recording I was given permission to cover Blossom Dearie's Summer is Gone which was a true delight.   I've always loved Blossom's work and much of my sound is quite like hers, quiet, whispery, w/ the occasional throwing of the tonsils.   I have my eye on a few great studios I'd love to record in and will hopefully be bringing more music into my beauty world and thankful for the opportunities to share.   I hope you enjoy and will share the word about the channel and encourage others to visit.    Thank you for reading and for giving me this opportunity to post about my first true love.  

In beauty, and music,
Billy Lowe

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Makeup Lessons Los Angeles

Makeup lessons and tutorials come in lots of different packages.  In Los Angeles and Southern California, looking your best is at the top of everyone's list and each year thousands of students flock to the Hollywood market to learn the best celebrity beauty tips from industry leaders and experts. 

Our good friend Melissa McNamara is a seasoned makeup and industry expert who not only provides makeup application for various events, but she also works with makeup students to teach them everything they need to know about building their own makeup practice.   Melissa's skill with a makeup brush and her creative flair have both been used for red carpet events, weddings, product launches and beauty education around the globe.   For more information on makeup lessons or application, visit www.beautifuloutlook.com and tell Melissa Billy Lowe sent you. 

Welcome to LoweLights.com with Hollywood Hair Stylist Billy Lowe

Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Lowe is a Los Anglees based hair stylist and the founder of Gloss & Toss hair products delivering the bes...