Sunday, March 18, 2012

Megan and Liz - Perfect Prom Hair with Billy Lowe

Billy Lowe styles hair for Megan and Liz
Megan and Liz meet Billy Lowe.

Today I had the chance to be in a small shoot with youtube sensations Megan and Liz.  What I didn't know upon meeting them is that they are not only talented, beautiful, funny and sweet, but that they have millions of fans out there who follow their youtube videos and online tips.  From beautiful music to fabulous makeover tips, these girls have it going on and we became mutual fans of one another right away.

Stay tuned for the upcoming webisode of Perfect Prom Hair with yours truly, Billy Lowe, and the quick and easy tips and techniques I shared with Megan and Liz on how to get quick and easy hair styles, California Curls with a flat iron, and silky smooth hair that has just a touch of body and shine.    With more news to come from the red carpet and my own beauty channel, we'll be trailing these two beauties and listening for their next tunes coming soon.  

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The team of Billy Lowe. 

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