Over processed color

So just how blonde is too blonde?  

The truth is I see so much over-blonding and over processed hair that looks anything but beautiful.  I can't believe what actually goes to print and what gets approved by art departments for the covers of magazines showing hot roots and bleeding color.    The problem with high lift blondes is that the root area can get "hot" as we call it, leading  to lines of demarcation at the scalp area, muddy looking color, and lines of demarcation at the previous color line if not blended correctly.

RARELY (if ever at all) do I use high lift colors for my base colors when blonding simply because the roots often look over processed and muddy.  Many hair stylists use a high lift blonde and then highlight on top of that.  In most of my blondes, I keep a darker to medium blonde tone at the base color and then  highlight on top of that so that I'm not over processing the hair, and I'm keeping a more natural look and feel at the root area.  The blending is a lot nicer, much more subtle, and you don't risk having hot (or over processed) roots that are often hard to control. 

Here are my key tips for analyzing whether or not you are too blonde or over processed.
  1. If your roots and eye color just don't seem to match, you know you're off. 
  2. If your roots have a spongy look and feel and hair looks really wirey at the root area, chances are you're way over processed
  3. If your color looks one dimensional from scalp to ends you could probably use a little tone or dimension
  4. If your base color has been lifted such that your scalp area looks bright golden, sometimes greenish, you're obviously lifted too much
For your base color, stay within 1-2 levels of your natural color and highlight all you want through that.   Highlights are magical and can make even the darkest of hair colors look bright and beautiful while still giving lots of great dimension for your hair color.  

When it comes to gorgeous color - visit BillyLowe.com today and book your appointment.  We'll see you on the red carpet.  

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