Hit the party after work

All it takes is a cardigan, some eye shadow and lip gloss and you're ready for the after work event. 

If you've been in 9 to 5 wear all day long and you're eager for happy hour or the next after-work gathering, loosen up with just a few quick and easy tips.   These quick and easy time savers will have you looking a little more casual, feeling a bit more comfortable, and save you a little more time rather than running home to change and then reconnecting. 

  • Trade the jacket for a cardigan.  Take a cardigan or light sweater with you for a night time change.  This will give you a more relaxed and comfortable feel rather than staying in a suit/jacket look all evening.  This even works for the guys. 
  • Deepen the lips with a darker lip gloss and liner.  This will give you a sultry evening look worthy of the night and whomever you may cross along the way. 
  • Give eyes a deeper m ore dramatic look with a deeper eye shadow.   Simply use a cotton ball to apply for a more smudged and smoky look. 

Easy as 1-2-3 and you're on your way to the after work engagements without feeling like you're still in your at-work attire.   Have fun and enjoy your evening.


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