Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best Hair Color Tips - Billy Lowe Beverly Hills

Billy Lowe - Delicious color with subtle highlighting

Hair Color in Beverly Hills:   I've corrected more "celebrity hair color" than you can imagine.   When it comes to hair color, there's only one word I use when giving advice:   RESEARCH.

Many people have never even had their hair professionally colored, and many others return time and time again to their colorists as loyal as people are to medical professionals.  But color is something I take very seriously and with proper time and attention from both the professional and the client, results can be a sure win every time.

Here are some color DOs and DON'Ts.
  • Don't race your color appt.   It takes 45 minutes for color to be applied and processed and even longer if you add highlights.   This doesn't include shampooing or conditioning time, blow-out time, or checking in and out.  Color is an investment of your time and dollars.
  • Be realistic with your color.  If you're a dark brown and you want to be cool blonde,  be realistic.  First of all, I don't think it will look good, and the action at the roots can be very inconsistent if you're trying to lift too much.   It's ALWAYS best to stay 1-2 levels lighter or darker than your own natural color and then add dimension with highlighting or low-lighting as you wish. 
  • Avoid shampooing for 24-48 hours after color.    Hair color needs time to settle and cuticle time to rebond to keep color lasting and looking its best.
  • Don't do it yourself.   What a disaster this can be.  It's better to spend $75 or $80 bucks and get it done the right way so you don't have to pay for a $400 color correction.
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