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Date with Destiny

When it comes to a new life's experience, have you ever had a "Date with Destiny?"  I am super excited to say that I have one coming up.  

Often times we get backed against the wall (or feel so) by life's experiences, our own limiting belief systems, or things we hear throughout life over and over, and we being believing and even worse - ACCEPTING this "news" as truth.  Well not anymore.  Spend 6 days with master coach and life extraordinaire Tony Robbins, and you get to meet the man or woman face to face that you've feared or dreamed of becoming.  I can't wait to meet myself once and for all in Palm Springs, CA this year and what an outstanding way to kiss 2011 good-bye and greet 2012 with aplomb.

There's still space available and Denise Makus can help you get signed up for this extraordinary event.  DON'T MISS IT. 

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