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Thanksgiving Conversation - kept beautiful

In the spirit of the season, we're all looking forward to a great meal this week, time spent with family and friends, and of course - great conversation.  But wait one minute, some topics might just be carefully avoided in order to avoid the already awkward moments we've all experienced gathered round the table.

Politics or religion - DAH!!!Don't discuss weight, age, physical attributes, etc as these are often sore spots anywayAvoid discussing people not present.  Makes people wonder what you're saying about them if they're not around.  DO NOT compare recipes on this eat-fest day!!!    There's nothing like an angry hen in the kitchen if you're busting on her recipes!! OK TO DISCUSS:
How much you're enjoying the dayPaying lots of complimentsA  movie you've just seenThe latest sales at BarneysWe think you get the picture.    Compliment, enjoy, be of service, and  you can always complain on Tuesday.  Wait, Thanksgiving is on Thursday - ah…