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Holiday Party Planning

With fall in full swing and holidays right around the corner, don't wait before you begin planning those exciting holiday parties whether for business or pleasure.  The exciting and creative team of Billy Lowe will WOW and SIZZLE your holiday events from in-home parties, executive retreats, retail sales campaigns, product launches, and so much more.

Give us a call and let us know about your party needs, dates, times, and location(s).  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

P: 310-430-4045

Dilute your fragrance!

How many times have you walked into an office, waiting room, restaurant, or concert and be absolutely BLASTED by the person sitting next to you with 4 ounces of fragrance poured all over his or her body?  You gasp for breath, your sinuses are out of control, and it's all you can do to sit through til the end. 

Nowadays, many offices are posting signs "Allergy sensitivities at work.   Please do not wear fragrance!" 

To the die-hard fragrance consumer, that's a no-fly zone.  My mother will personally not go without her Aromatics from Clinique.  So here's a few great ways to dilute your fragrance just a bit.

1.  Spray fragrance in desired area.   Wet a cotton ball and glide over sprayed area to help absorb excess fragrance. 

2.  Mist fragrance into the air at a stretched arm's length either above or in front of you.  If above, allow fragrance to fall on you.   If in front of you, walk into the misted area.   This will lighten the concentration of your fragrance …

L'elephant Blanc West Hollywood

We love trendy new finds.   Especially if it involves shopping.   Today we were stumbling through West Hollywood and found a new shop had just opened inside the French Quarter Marketplace and Restaurant.  A fabulous, open and airy little boutique shop offering everything gift.   From candy treats to greeting cards, skincare and scarves for the season, this little boutique is sure to do quite well to the French Quarter's already loyal customers - and soon to be new ones I'm sure because of this little jewel.  For more information, just visit the French Quarter Marketplace and Restaurant at 7985 Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood.  The shop is just inside and you're gonna love it.

Toe Jamm Shoes

I couldn't have been more elated during Los Angeles Fashion Weekend, hanging out with my great friend and fashion stylist Devon Poer.  We ran into some great people from Toe Jamm shoes, that started as an idea for bowling shoes.  One of the creators of Toe Jamm wanted to give a gift to a friend who was having a baby, so she personally created a pair of baby bowling shoes and wowed the moms in the room who all wanted a pair.   From there, the idea was born, and so was a healthy new baby wearing totally fashionable shoes.

I must say, I have to have a pair of these shoes.   Made in Los Angeles by the talented duo-team Amanda Real and Yasmina Cadiz, these shoes are not only fashionable, they are extremely soft, comfortable, and a true trend setter for all ages.  I look forward to seeing what's next on the racks from Toe Jamm.