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Laughter Yoga

 It's been said that a smile not only relaxes those around you, it helps you feel better, and it's certainly much more beautiful than a frown.  A few years ago I attended a Laughter Yoga workshop (with much reservation) and couldn't have been more grumpy that evening going in because of traffic in Los Angeles.   Little did I know, it was just what I needed.   By the end of the workshop I was laughing so hard I couldn't even hold it in and had completely forgotten the misery of Los Angeles traffic. 

Even though laughter yoga starts out as small laughter "exercises" by the end of the workshop people are laughing, some end up rolling on the floor, and the laughter and joy that the room CREATES, truly becomes contagious. 

Our friends at Laguna Laughter Yoga chapter make Laughter Yoga fun and exciting with daily laughter opportunities, by-the-beach opportunities, and lots of exciting workshops and events.    Check out their information beLOWE to learn more, as w…

Tony Robbins Unleash the Power November 2011

What's your story?  Are you a yay-sayer, or a nay-sayer?    How do you respond to what is placed in front of you? 

--I can't do that
--That's not right for me
--Here's 1,001 reasons why this won't work
I used to be one of those. But when I entered a room of 4,000 people all chanting YES - YES - YES, I knew my world was about to change.

I used to have every reason in the world as to why I didn't want to do something, and MOST of the reasons were completely irrational!  If it weren't for great mentors and teachers leading, guiding and directing my path, I certainly wouldn't have come this far.  Left to my own "rational thinking," I would probably be another statistic somewhere; another light gone out.  However thanks to a leader that I adore and admire, my life has completely changed for the better and has been full of YES's and opportunities since 2004.  

Have there been some twists and turns?   YES
But have I been resourc…

Relax and unwind!

Everyone deserves a nice soak, time to unwind, and a sense of relaxing each and every day!  The problem is, we don't always give that to ourselves.  But taking time away from our busy lives is not only healing and helpful, it's NECESSARY.  Every beauty expert knows the value of self-time, time away, and time to recharge.  This not only benefits us, it gives others the message that "I'm valuable too, and right now I need to be away from everything for a few minutes - so that I'm at my best." 

Others need to know that we value ourselves.  Too often we're made to believe that we are selfish or self centered for taking time to ourselves.  But in a healthy light - it's perfectly ok to be selfish and self centered once in a while.   If I'm not at my best for me, then there's no way I can be at my best with you or for you.  So we at would like to take this time to say BE SELFISH.   BE SELF CENTERED.   Just keep it real and enjoy your t…