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Sun Damage and Aging

Did you know that 90% of sun damage comes from incidental sun exposure?   That's a casual stroll to the mailbox, a quick trip to the supermarket, or perhaps a quick walk around the block.  In fact, water can reflect up to 100% UV, concrete and pavement 80-90%, and on and on it goes.  It's not just about being protected from direct sunlight, it's about being protected from the elements around you as well.

To protect yourself from sun and surf, especially in fall and winter times when sun seems to be "softer and safer" we recommend hats, sunglasses, long sleeve attire (keep it cool with cotton), and long pants when you can. We also suggest taking great care of the tops of the feet where skin is very thin and delicate, and ofter overlooked. 

Even though we're in change of season, the risk of sun damage is still ever present and we encourage our readers and fans everywhere to take caution, button up, protect those peepers, and enjoy this fabulous season.